The calvaria is the skull cap (cranial vault), consisting of a series of flat bones. It is formed by the parietal bones and squamous parts of the frontal and occipital bones. The bones of the neurocranium fuse together and form the following sutures:

  • Sagittal suture (sutura sagittalis) which is located between two parietal bones in the median sagittal plane. On the posterior part the sagittal suture there are the parietal foramina (foramina parietalia) for emissary veins.
  • Coronal suture (sutura coronalis) which lies in the frontal plane between the frontal bone anteriorly and parietal bones posteriorly.
  • Lambdoid suture (sutura lambdoidea) which lies in the frontal plane between the parietal bones anteriorly and occipital bone posteriorly.

The calvaria has an external and an internal surface. Most of the bones of the calvaria have internal table, and external table. The tables are separated by diploë, containing red bone marrow. The calvaria serves to cover and protect the cerebral hemispheres of the brain.