Inferior nasal concha (inferior turbinate bone)

The inferior nasal conchaor inferior turbinate bone (concha nasalis inferior)is a paired bone. Each inferior nasal concha presents two surfaces, two borders, two extremities and three processes (maxillary, lacrimal, and ethmoidal). Its inferior edge is free, while the upper edge articulates with the conchal crests of the maxilla and the palatine bone.

Maxillary process (processus maxillaris) which projects inferiorly between the lacrimal and the ethmoidal processes. It fixes the bone to the lateral wall of the nasal cavity.

Lacrimal process (processus lacrimalis) which projects superiorly and anteriorly. It articulates the apex of the nasal bone with the anterior inferior angle of the lacrimal bone.

Ethmoidal process (processus ethmoidalis) which projects backward and upward to articulate with the unci- nate process of the ethmoid bone.